Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness
From building awareness, growing credibility, solidifying trust, and influencing audiences’ behavior, public relations is uniquely suited for helping grow your brand. We shape the conversation, influence your customers and build your brand.
How we do it

Tell Stories

People do business with people they like and trust. That’s why your reputation is our mission. We develop a brand narrative to forge a strong emotional bond between you and your customers.

Offer Credibility

To be successful, a brand must be credible. Credibility can’t be bought. It must be earned. We constantly drive momentum to build trust, loyalty and share of heart.

Obtain Third-Party Endorsements

The essence of good PR is having people talk about your brand. An endorsement from key influencers, content sharing and social media community building are more cost efficient and effective than paid advertising.

Use Data

Our unique insights and forward-thinking strategies are grounded in lawn and garden industry research.  This proprietary data into the home and garden customer  helps us position your brand for success, keep you on the minds of influencers and drive demand.

Educate Consumers

We influence consumer behavior by developing innovative campaigns, such as "O2 For You," promoting the benefits of houseplants and "SafePaws," raising awareness about the importance of organic lawn care for the health of people, pets and the planet.

Open Doors

With our connections you bypass gatekeepers and get introduced to key buyers in retail stores and e-commerce sites. We develop retail strategies to get your products on shelves and make you stand out above your competition. 

With years of public relations experience in the home and garden industry, the award-winning team at Garden Media uses their talents and tools to effectively and efficiently build your brand.

What Steve Says About Garden Media

Since our relationship with Garden Media Group, which began in 1995, our brand recognition has soared. Their creative and enthusiastic approach to the professional and consumer press, and to our customers, had given us a national presence and impact well beyond our expectations. They are professional and responsive and represented us in a manner that perfectly reflected our company.
Steve Hutton, The Conard-Pyle Co.